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Katarina here and welcome to my portfolio!

I'm a graphic designer from Slovenia, currently exploring the world. With a Bachelor's degree in graphic and web design and over five years of experience in digital graphic media, I bring a creative and innovative perspective to my work.

My passion for design and travel has allowed me to gain a unique and diverse skill set, which enables me to deliver high-quality designs for clients across different industries and cultures.





During my time at Commerce12, I thrived as an email graphic designer for a dynamic period of my life. My role was multifaceted, involving collaboration with a diverse range of clients to conceptualize and design impactful email campaigns and paid social media ads. Additionally, I contributed to various website projects, showcasing a versatile skill set that extended beyond traditional email design. This experience not only honed my creativity but also equipped me with the ability to adapt and excel in a fast-paced environment while delivering compelling visual solutions across multiple channels.



As a seasoned email specialist graphic designer at Flowium, I dedicated over 2.5 years to the dynamic field of email marketing. Serving as a lead team member, I successfully managed and mentored a growing team of 10-20 designers, overseeing crucial tasks such as quality assurance, quarterly and yearly reviews, and conducting educational trainings.

My role extended beyond team management, as I collaborated with numerous clients to craft visually compelling email designs tailored to their unique branding. This comprehensive experience allowed me to not only contribute creatively but also to drive the team's success through effective leadership and client engagement.



University of Ljubljana

Graphic and Media Technology







Email Portfolio

Email Template Design - BY OLIVIA RAE

Email design for a Flowium client By Olivia Rae. The client is a young female-led company based in Australia aiming to disrupt the skincare industry with a revolutionary suncare product targeting younger audience and they wanted their designs to reflect that.

Email Design - IDROTHERAPY

Email campaigns for a skincare brand Idrotherapy. The look and feel of the brand is modern, sleek, clean and luxurious. The products reflect active ingredients which were made the focal point in most emails, targeted to younger Millenials and Gen Z.

Email Template Design - VERSED SKIN

The email design for Versed Skin reflects the brand's commitment to clean and sustainable beauty products. Versed Skin offers a wide range of skincare products that are affordable, eco-friendly, and free of harmful chemicals. It was important to convey these values through the email while also highlighting their unique product line. By showcasing their clean and simple packaging and incorporating their brand colors and typography, we aimed to create an email that captures the essence of the brand and resonates with their target audience.

Ellae Lisque's email designs effortlessly fuse trendiness, class, boldness, and elegance. The brand's unique aesthetic caters to everyone, promoting a sense of confidence and style that encourages individuals to feel their best in each meticulously crafted piece.

Email Design - ELLAÉ LISQUÉ

I designed Arber's email concept to reflect their mission of making plant care easy for all. The clean and natural design, combined with fun and unique packaging, sets them apart from the competition.

Email Template Design - ARBER

The email design for Bundle x Joy highlights their unique brand identity as a seller of superfood for dogs with playful packaging. As the only brand in this field with such branding, it was crucial to showcase what sets them apart and convey their fun personality through the email.

Email Template Design - BUNDLE X JOY

Email Template Design - TEN LITTLE

For this email design concept I emphasized their unique product offerings and incorporated fun design elements to create a template that appeals to parents who prioritize sustainability and style for their children's footwear and other toys.


This email design for Love Earth showcases their sustainable and ethical jewelry, highlighting their elegant designs and earthy color tones. I aimed to create an email that captures the brand's values and appeals to customers who prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in their jewelry choices.

WEB Portfolio

Women CEO Project

I developed and established a website for Kristi who is a business coach and runs her own business - Women CEO Project.With a captivating blend of femininity and strength in her brand identity, it was crucial to maintain consistency and allure female clientele.


AX Productions

AXProduction, a well-established production and recording company, recently underwent a revitalizing rebranding process and sought a website that would seamlessly align with their new identity. Boasting a captivating blend of coolness, edginess, and high-end aesthetics, their intention was to mirror their exceptional services through a visually stunning online platform.



Sky Marketing

Sky Marketing is a versatile marketing agency offering a comprehensive range of services. As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, they entered the market with a team of young, enthusiastic professionals seeking to collaborate with like-minded businesses and individuals. The objective was to create a visually striking website that exudes a sense of coolness, cleanliness, and modernity, and we successfully achieved this goal with their new online platform.



Katarina Mravlja

Between Slovenia, Europe & Vancouver, Canada


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